New Music

Watch: Stitched Vision – Crossing Over

Stitched Vision released a couple of very pretty, retro-futurist ambient synth cassettes a while back, but as far as proper releases are concerned we haven’t heard anything new since last year’s Fold. I haven’t actually heard that tape, but Jason Campbell’s 2010 debut Open Palms is a pretty essential (albeit sold out!) release, and the other project he’s involved in, Tailings, is also worth a listen. Very unlike most of the other stuff you’re probably used to hearing from Newcastle.

Stitched Vision has a new album coming out “later this year” on Campbell’s own Eternal Solitude label, and the track embedded below will feature on it. Entitled Holding It Together, Campbell tells me he’s still not sure whether it’ll be a tape or an LP (or, ha, CD!) but whatever happens, it sounds like he’s plumbing the same glistening nostalgic depths he always has. Perfect for tower block fetishists.



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