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Listen: Total Control – Scene From A Marriage

The staff here at Crawlspace towers were pretty unanimous in our Emotion that we’d never want to write about a new Sub Pop release unless it was another feedtime reissue, but ummm… here we are! It’s Total Control, a band for which exceptions need always be made. They’ve got a 7 inch coming out on Sub Pop, which you probably already know, but now you can actually listen to the a-side thanks to the alchemy of a low-bitrate mp3 stream on Soundcloud.

Unlike the new tracks we heard on that Home Loan Records 12 inch (for which we’ve got a review coming shortly), ‘Scene From A Marriage’ might have fitted nicely on last year’s Henge Beat between the original ‘Carpet Rash’ and ‘Meds II’, existing somewhere in between sonic wise. “Do what you want with me, that’s the first mistake you made,” Dan Stewart sings one moment. “Do what you want with me, that’s the last mistake you made,” he sings the next. So yeah, be careful.



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