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Listen: CK’N – I

This is a project consisting two former Newcastle residents – Nick Senger of Castings and Cooper Bowman  – along with a person named Kerry, who for lack of better information we’ll say is a “citizen of the Earth”. The track below is one of four songs taken from their new tape I-IV, which is out now through Altered States Tapes. There’s a fairly dry, suggestive beat accompanied by canned bell chimes and a kind of noise “lead break”, but it sounds more like some live circuitry asserting itself for the last time before finally giving up the ghost.

Two members of the group, Senger and Bowman, are playing at Sydney’s Red Rattler on Saturday night alongside Mist, Outer Space, Mad Nanna and Radio People. I’d go, but I’ll be in Samoa fending off rabid wild dogs and getting high on kava-kava.


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