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Watch: Michael Ozone – Perfect Systems

Pure, subliminally malevolent public broadcasting. Michael Ozone’s new clip for ‘Perfect Systems’, from his debut 12 inch on Home Loan Records, is like waking up in front of the television at 4am in the morning and finding a program that has just kinda made itself: a sentient system that has sucked a handful of signs into its frittering circuits and then spewed them back at us seemingly at random. Everything from ancient car advertisements, through to a public surveillance faux pas (we’re not meant to see that, crazy sentient TV!).

Anyway, there’s a very strong retro-futuristic vibe to this, and of course the vaguely suss public broadcasting aesthetic is there in spades, but this clip is riddled with little signs and references to the extent that you really feel like it’s trying to tell you something. Like, Smurfs. Why? Dizzying, colourful, and frankly: pretty amazing.


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