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Listen: Synthetic Texxxture – L Ron Techhard

Just in case you didn’t read the headline, let this sink in: this new Synthetic Texxxture song is called ‘L Ron Techhard’. Maybe I’m still drunk-via-osmosis from interviewing wine connoisseurs Superstar the other night, but that’s a pretty hilarious title.

Anyway! We’ve featured Synthetic Texxxture before, but now we know it’s the work of Melbourne guy Liam Osbourne. Don’t know much else about him really, but he’s playing at Sound Summit at the weekend so maybe I’ll collar him for some more info (y’know, street address, passport number, credit card etc). The track below (entitled ‘L Ron Techhard’!) is a lot more assertive and disorientating than the track we featured a little while back. For some reason, and I may be drawing a long bow here, it kinda reminds me of breakcore without the breaks, almost. It’s got that very ugly, sledgehammer approach, and that over-zealous application of synth-knobs (listen how it modulates!) that puts me in mind of a more atmospheric, dreamy Nasenbluten. Maybe.

Anyway, enough of this. The sooner this guy releases something proper, the better. Happy Friday.



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