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Listen: New Fad TMB and Dro Carey

While footwork was one of several inclinations demo-ed on Dro Carey’s debut 12 inch Venus Knock, Fad TMB is a project that has him openly embracing the Chicago juke rat-a-tat, so if Eugene Ward’s other stuff is either too weird (Dro Carey) or too orthodox (Tuff Sherm) for you, this sits somewhere in between, but definitely not on a fence. With its well-enunciated vocal sample and sledgehammer approach bassline, it’s probably one of the most accessible tracks he’s done, which is weird, because juke can be a tough slog. Listen to it while you file your tax return. You can download the track free here.

Meanwhile in the vectored world of EW, there’s tonnes of new Dro Carey and Tuff Sherm being released on his Tumblr lately. Just torrents of the stuff. I need to take a day off to download it all, but while streaming a few this particular Dro Carey track stands out. It’s an icy grime instrumental. Maybe Dro’s people should speak to Trim’s people again.

Read our interview with Eugene Ward, if you haven’t done so already.



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