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Watch: The UV Race stars in Autonomy and Deliberation

In the desperate, post-apocalyptic world of Autonomy and Deliberation, UV Race isn’t a band any more. In a city [Melbourne] full of “strange wild creatures”, one member has sold his guitar and another works the streets. Vocalist Marcus has sorted his shit out and wants the band back.

That’s all I can glean from this trailer for the forthcoming Johann Rashid-directed Autonomy and Deliberation, which stars the UV Race and features heaps of Melbourne music celebrities. After that, a bunch of other funny exchanges occur and Marcus talks to himself in the mirror. It looks pretty good, and it premieres October 24 at Melbourne’s Westgarth Cinema. Of course, you could always go check it out this weekend at Sound Summit, followed by a Q&A with the director and two members (Dan Stewart and Al Montfort) of the band.



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