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Listen: Lakes – Hidden Sun (Live)

Sean Bailey’s back-catalogue is slowly turning into one of those unwieldy beasts that may intimidate the uninitiated or vaguely curious, but you shouldn’t feel that way, honestly, because his work is worth following closely. It’s because Lakes is pretty much its own thing in a way that very few other bands/artists are: just pick up one record and give it at least three spins (because his records are slow to bud) and Bailey’s rather grating vocals will just suddenly make sense. It’s a challenge worth rising to.

So, yeah, a live cassette is probably something only diehards are going to go in for, but judging from cursory listens (full review soon) the fidelity is top quality for a live release, and in some ways it’s kinda cleaner than his LPs: the guitar melodies during ‘Hidden Sun’ (from Winter’s Blade, 2011) are very crisp indeed. It’s from Spring Torch, which is a new Pretentious Tapes release which you can order now.



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