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Watch: Moon Wheel – The Weather

As we’ve advised before, Moon Wheel is Berlin-via-Melbourne guy Olle Holmberg. He used to play in Pissypaw. This new clip is “set” during the 2010 federal election, tracing the various non-happenings of a group of people on the night of the election, some of whom you’ll recognise from bands in Melbourne. If you can identify them all and email us a list, you’ll win a free copy of System of a Down’s Toxicity on CD. We’ve got spare.

In the clip, people drink whiskey straight from the bottle and the house is a mess. Pretty ideal situation when you’re dealing with an election during which Bob Hawke definitely wasn’t going to get elected. ‘The Weather’ is a new track, though a collection of his older material will be released imminently on some mysterious US label.


2 thoughts on “Watch: Moon Wheel – The Weather

  1. Melbourne says:

    Shaun (Young Romantix, Chrome Dome), Dave (Pissypaw, Glass Bricks), Jay (Ill Winds, Interzone, Eastlink, Apex Predator), Tara (White Hex, Splitfoot), Jarrod (Fabulous Diamonds, Free Choice Duo, Interzone, Mud Brick Couch, Safeway Café, Maximum Awesome, Oh! Belgium), Rex (Wingdings 2, Splitfoot, Art Beat), Hannah (Acid Casualty, Omen, Groovy Pineapples), Jesse (Mad Nanna, Vejur, 8008), Olle (Moon Wheel, Pissypaw, Friends, Groovy Pineapples, Apex Predator, Ásgeirr), Emily (Optical Eyes), Andrew (Repairs), Trev (Bum Creek, Terras Australis), Paul (Rear View Gallery)


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