New Music

Listen: Cured Pink – September Over September

Here’s a new Cured Pink track, probably the first officially available (to stream, anyway) offering from the group since that Breakdance the Dawn CD-R we reviewed a couple of weeks back. This track follows in a similar vein sonically, but we got in touch with Andrew McLellan to see exactly what was going on, because journalism.

“That was recorded in our shared bandspace on Saturday afternoon – just at the back of Mitchell’s and my house. We were just nutting out our set ahead of the Lost Domain finale out at Real Bad [the venue]. Which was awesome. Completely important band. Glen and I would hardly have a clue without them.

“I try to record as much as possible, to remember golden moments of improvisation [and to] generate material to overlay with other jams or experiments. You know most of the early 2012 results from the Breakdance CD-R.”

Cured Pink have a new 7 inch coming out later this year which will implement “these ideas in a professional studio”.



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