New Music

Listen: Dennis and the Spaceships – Cabbage and Ice

A couple of years ago I co-hosted a radio show, and one of the perks was that we’d be sent some pretty weird stuff. Actually, most of the stuff we got was just punk bands trying to sound like Wavves (was the style of the time), but occasionally music like this would come in and it’d make you think. Dennis and the Spaceships is some Sydney-based guy by the name of Martin. He makes music, burns it onto CD or uploads it to Bandcamp, and then obviously doesn’t lift a single finger to promote it otherwise (other than emailing me, for some reason).

Anyway, I remember liking his stuff back then and I like some of the new material too, in particular ‘Cabbage & Ice’ which is taken from a new free-to-download LP called String Theory. See what you think.



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