New Music

Listen: Superstar – Folding Gold

Superstar. Great band, but they’ve very little recorded music to show for it, despite playing Melbourne on a semi-regular basis for the last five or so years. The duo, which comprises Kieran Hegarty and Esther Edquist, have two split releases with Free Choice Duo under their belt, but it’s safe to say both are long sold-out.

So it’s good news they’ve got a full-length LP entitled A Toast To… Superstar due out later in 2012 on Bedroom Suck. In the meantime, they’ve also released a live cassette through Night People entitled The Softest Urge, which is available now, and if this excerpt is anything to go by the local “Elegant Australiana” scene (their tag) is about to get a potent shot in the arm. Watch out Gotye?

We’ll have a proper review of the tape soon.



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