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Listen: Beige Abrasion – Last Dance

Beige Abrasion is an Adelaide three-piece who cite Drexciya, the Orb and Oneohtrix Point Never among their influences. You can definitely hear a little bit of Drexicya in the lead lines here, but the water here is a bit choppier than most of what that duo did. Letting sounds slop over the beats is mandatory among a lot of younger Aussie electronic groups it seems, presumably to give these productions that tottering, packed-room-with-dangerously-low-oxygen levels vibe. It’s for these reasons that Beige Abrasion remind me a bit of Holy Balm, but I’m sure live they’re a different beast.

Listen to ‘Last Dance’ through to the end and you’ll notice the track gets a lot tighter, as if responding to some crowd demand.

Looks like Beige Abrasion are part of the Heavy Lows roster, a new label run by Stacey Wilson of Rites Wild / Regional Curse / Terrible Truths / heaps more. It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the Heavy Lows website, no doubt.

Here’s a video of the group in action:


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