Girls Girls Girls – Borsch (LP)

An old fibro home on a day exceeding 40 degrees. Warm white wine mixed with coke. Biscuits and Twisties smashed into the carpet, creating a patchy, not unpleasant caramel hue. The Bathurst 1000 playing on the television with the sound down. Girls Girls Girls’ Borsch playing in the background. This is the Australian dream.

Originally released on Breakdance the Dawn last year, Borsch is now available on LP through Little Big Chief Records. The trio, consisting Matt Earle (xNOBBQx), Adam Park and Rohan Holiday, probably lay down on the couch while they play. This is languid, weirdly beautiful rock music played with no concern for precision. It also sounds stuck and kinda desperate: totally off the train line, probably in a cul-de-sac sprinkled with burnt couches and gutted Ford XDs (1979 models).

The way this trio play, it sounds like a sheet of corrugated iron is gradually being teased away from the roof by a harsh wind: the percussion always sounds like something lurking, or something breaking, or maybe even something frightful being built in the cellar. Simple guitar melodies proceed despite everything – sometimes the drums join them, but most of the time they don’t. At all times there’s a constancy that proves compelling and hypnotic, a determination to keep plumbing the depths of looseness until the pinnacle of lazy truth has been reached, something remote and almost sadly out of reach.

In the face of prevailing chaos, the trio’s use of repetition proves to be the essential ingredient across Borsch’s four tracks. If you ever stay awake at night wondering fearfully what was outside that window on the cover of Jandek’s Ready For The House, you’ll probably listen to this record every day for the rest of your life. Four tracks of rock’s melancholy debris.

Label: Little Big Chief / Breakdance the Dawn
Release Date: July 2012 (reissue)


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