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Listen: Orinokoflo – Arnica

Castings were one of my favourite live bands, so it’s comforting to know several members are still active in the form of Melbourne’s Orinokoflo – namely Mark Leacy and Sam Kenna, in addition to Cooper Bowman, who writes for this site sometimes. ‘Arnica’ is vaguely reminiscent of Castings, except this is an entirely synth and tape based affair and, if you listen all the way to the end, you’ll notice the group lift out of the initial suffocating fog into something that is almost… cheerful? Whatever the case, the opening tumult recedes about halfway through and a bass lead stickies everything together. You can bob your head to it.

They’ve tagged the track “shonky electronics” on their Soundcloud page, which sounds very fitting. There’s also a live recording of a recent Gasometer gig, which is a lot looser than ‘Arnica’.

Orinokoflo have a tape coming out soon according to their Facebook page. They’re also playing at the Altered States show in Newcastle next month, which is part of Sound Summit.



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