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Listen: Blank Realm – Growing Inside

‘Growing Inside’ is taken from Blank Realm’s forthcoming Siltbreeze LP, which is due late in October. This song has been kicking around for several years, but it sounds a lot darker on record than I remember it live: now it’s a foggy, chorus-laden drift, and a lot of the furious energy I remember from their show at Sound Summit a couple of years ago is tempered by the funereal pace of the main riff.

The lyrics are fairly unambiguous: Daniel Spencer seems to be tracing a familiar coming-of-age narrative, but the accompaniment indicates it’s not an optimistic tale, with drudgery and paranoia blocking the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. “Everybody’s living just to see how they die.” Whatever is growing inside appears to feed on endorphins. Miserablists take note.

After a little bit of digging (ie, a five second Google search) it turns out an Angela Bermuda directed clip for this track has been floating around the internet for… almost a year now!


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