Welcome to Crawlspace

Thanks for visiting Crawlspace.

Crawlspace will be defined by what we publish, but here are some key “facts” for your perusal.

Crawlspace is about what our writers care about.

Crawlspace will focus on Australian music, because that’s where we are based. This isn’t a rule though.

Crawlspace will afford artists we like the space we feel they deserve. A lot of the music we’re interested in is rarely given the space it deserves. That’s why we made this website.

We will try our very hardest not to be boring.

We will probably never publish an article about Tim Rogers or Nick Cave.

You can send us press releases if you want, but we usually like to find things ourselves.

Your feedback is welcome. Our email address is crawlspacemag [at] gmail [dot] com.

‘Heat’ by Scattered Order is an incredible song.

That’s all, and thanks again. Please keep us on our toes.

– Shaun


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